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At D.U.Publishing we give first time authors and established authors the rare opportunity of combining their skill set and message for a broader distribution.

The purpose of the book is to position you as an expert.  If you are chosen for the book then our team will go through the interview process to better understand your platform and message.  In short, here are the details:

The Opportunity

To become a published author and to collaborate with other
prominent entrepreneurs.  To get your message out to the
world and to bring additional exposure to your platform.

Publicity and Positioning

The title of our next book is Conversations with Successful Entrepreneurs.  The book gives you mass exposure by being sold at the following retailers as well as being in the book with other successful entrepreneurs who will be promoting it to their circle of influence.  

The book will be sold at the following stores and sites:

  • Barnes and Noble
  • Amazon
  • Booksamillion
  • Booktopia
  • And additional sites

The Process

The best part of the process is you DO NOT have to write your chapter.  You will be interviewed by by one of our professional staff who will ask you questions about your platform, expertise and show you how to personally position yourself as a expert in your field.  If you are a first time author, no worries, Our staff have interviewed over 2500 people and will walk you through the process so there is no stress on your part.  Your interview will be transcribed into a 12-15 page chapter about you and your platform.  Each chapter will showcase a successful entrepreneur.  Your time commitment is only a one hour interview.  Everything else is handled for you.  When the interview has been transcribed it will be sent to you for final review and approval.  The entire process from the interview to submitting the book to the publisher is 90-120 days.


What You Receive

  1. Your name on the cover with other prominent collaborators.
  2. Your own designated chapter in the book which will be created from an one hour interview.  You don't have to write a thing.
  3. Your bio, picture and contact information will be at the beginning of your chapter to promote your business.
  4. The digital rights to the ebook. This can be used to build a new customers base or given to potential clients.
  5. The rights to your own chapter to be used anyway you want.  You can create additional products, teleseminars, webcast, speeches, etc.
  6. You receive 300 books.  These can be sold for a retail value of $19.97 (Value $5,991.00).
  7. The bragging rights of being a published author.


Due to the collaboration efforts it is too difficult to track everyone’s involvement to divide the royalties fairly.  For this purpose we (D.U. Publishing) have chosen to donate ALL future royalties from the book to Soul Food USA.  The employees of D.U. Publishing have been working with Soul Food USA and have seen what they do to change people's lives.  Here is a link to see our employees in action along with other caring volunteers.   (Youtube – Soul Food USA Story). The benefit besides the obvious of helping those who are less fortunate is you can promote that all royalties from the book go to feed the poor and needy.  You still keep all the profits from the sell of your books.  The royalties from book stores and websites like Amazon go to Soul Food USA.  Any sells from your website go straight to you.


$2997.00  (The equivalent of $9.97 a book). Payment options are available.


If you are chosen to contribute to the book and have paid for your chapter there are no refunds.  There are a limited amount of spots and after you are chosen we have to turn people away.  We need your 100% commitment from you to finish your chapter.

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